Day: January 19, 2021

Strata Title Administration has grown significantly since its establishment in 1996. The company now has a third office in Christchurch, led by Gillian Blakely, to add to its Auckland and Wellington offices. Gillian shares Strata’s ethos that responsiveness, teamed with experience and knowing the right contacts, is essential to providing quality body corporate management. Gillian leads Strata’s expansion throughout the South Island with her ten plus years of experience in body corporate management, specialising in natural disaster insurance and project managing the strengthening of buildings.

With the addition of the Christchurch office, Strata now has 43 body corporate specialists with broad experience in conflict resolution, team building, business negotiation, accounts and administration. The hard work we do behind the scenes and directly with the committees, chair people and owners helps our clients to meet their obligations under the Unit Title Act. The Body Corporate industry is thriving. With 25 years of service in the body corporate management industry and over 14,000 units comprised of nearly 600 bodies, corporate Strata is one of the leading and longest-standing Body Corporate Management companies in New Zealand. We are extremely proud to be able to service our Christchurch and South Island clients form our Christchurch office.


i. Confidence in the systems embedded in Strata

ii. Providing the best practice across the governance of bodies corporate and other forms of multi-unit entities

iii. To operate the most professional body corporate company in New Zealand

iv. Striving to ensure that owners have quiet enjoyment of their property and being able to rely on Strata to provide the service that we are contracted to provide