Where Does My Money Go?

Your Levy Is Collected

  • All owners in a Body Corporate must pay a levy to cover costs. The amount you pay is decided on collectively by your Body Corporate.
  • You need to pay a levy regardless of whether you use a professional Body Corporate management service. If you’re with Strata, we’ll make things easy by collecting and managing everyone’s levy.

Strata Is Paid A Fee

  • Strata charges a fee for managing the Body Corporate, which we’ll deduct from the overall amount we collect.
  • There are no hidden costs – the amount your Body Corporate pays will be the amount you’re quoted.

Money Is Held In A Trust Account

  • Besides the fee paid to Strata, the rest of the money from collected levies is put into an audited trust account at ASB Bank.

Your Invoices And Expenses Are Paid

  • Strata will organise – with authorisation from the Body Corporate – to pay your Body Corporate’s invoices and expenses out of the trust account.