Duties of Chairperson

(r11, Unit Titles Regulations 2011)

(1) Subject to subclauses (2) and (3), a chairperson has the following duties:
(a) to maintain the register of unit owners; and
(b) to prepare the agenda for each general meeting; and
(c) to chair each general meeting (unless it is agreed at the start of a general meeting that another person will chair that meeting); and
(d) to prepare minutes of each general meeting; and
(e) to record resolutions voted on and whether they were passed; and
(f) to keep financial accounts and records; and
(g) to submit,on behalf of the body corporate, the body corporate’s financial statements to an independent auditor under section 132(2) (a) of the Act;
(h) to receive reports from the body corporate committee and distribute them to unit owners; and
(i) to sing documents on behalf of the body corporate; and
(j) to prepare and issue notices of resolutions to be passed without a general meeting; and
(k) to notify unit owners of the result of any vote on a resolution to be passed without a general meeting; and
(l) to notify the body corporate committee of any delegation of a duty or power by the body corporate to the body corporate commettee under section 108 of the Act; and
(m) any other duties relating to the administration of the body corporate that the body corporate has decided by ordinary resolution to confer on the chairperson.

(2) A chairperson has all of the duties specified in subclause(1) (a) to (m) except to the extent that the body corporate has delegated any of
the duties to the body corporate committee under section 108(1) of the Act.
(3) The duties specified in subclause (1) are in addition to those conferred elsewhere by these regulations or by the Act.