Why Choose Us

Enjoy your peace of mind of knowing all the details are taken care of with Strata Title. Here’s how we can make your life easier.

  • We’ll minimise the operating costs of your Body Corporate
  • We’ll take care of time-consuming tasks such as collecting levies, preparing financial reports and arranging insurance
  • We’re experts in weather tightness, and can guide your Body Corporate through the legal process involved with leaky homes
  • We’ll reduce your risk through sound management of your property
  • We’ll share our knowledge and provide impartial advice
  • We’ll make sure your Body Corporate complies with the Unit Titles Act 2010

We’ll save you time

We’ll help manage the common property areas, and make sure you meet your obligations under the Unit Titles Act. Because we’re independent, we’ll be objective about the rules and regulations governing your Body Corporate. We also help each owner to have an effective voice in Body Corporate affairs.

We’ll keep your money secure

Body Corporate members need to pay levies to cover expenses, such as insurance and the maintenance of common areas. For your peace of mind, collected levies are held in a trust account that is audited independently every two months. You’ll also have 24/7 secure access to your information through our owner portal – so you’ll always know what’s happening with your account.

We’ll deal with third parties

On behalf of your Body Corporate we can deal directly with utility companies, solicitors, valuers and other professional bodies. We’ll appoint a Body Corporate Manager to look after your interests and build knowledge of your Body Corporate’s unique needs. Through them, you’ll have access to all the specialist knowledge at Strata.

Switching to Strata is easy. Just contact us and we’ll take care of all the formalities, at no cost.


“I only wish we’d changed to Strata sooner. Before, there were always outstanding levies (at last count $36,000), but somehow in only a few short months you’ve either collected the arrears or at least put arrangements in place to have them cleared by next month. This is a brilliant effort. Another really pleasing part of your service is you actually respond to calls, emails and other enquiries. I’ve spoken to several owners about your service and they all agree your responsiveness and systems are excellent. The service you provide makes us feel that we’re your only client, although I know that’s not the case. I look forward to continuing to receive this high level of service.”Daniel Bovelander