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“Just wanting to send you a quick note to confirm our gratitude and satisfaction we have of the efficiency, responsiveness and general helpfulness Larry Allison provides us as a Body Corp. I am an owner and recent committee member of BC 483083.
We have found Larry to assist us with an incredibly high level of professionalism. Larry’s knowledge and advice is of the highest standard and we would not hesitate to recommend Larry as a Body Corporate adviser to any new BC client.” Rod Gabb (Body Corporate Committee Member)

“Being a Chairperson of 202 Massey Road Property (includes 13 units), I and other board members have signed up a contract with Strata earlier in this year.  Since Strata Title has taken over the control of our properties, today we have a much better managed property. Strata Title has done an excellent job in handling problems that occur with our Body Corporate. They have been instrumental to keep our cost at or below budget by performing preventive maintenance on our properties and is excellent in identifying potential problems. We have found a significant reeducation in cost as compared to previous Body Corporate Management Company and an improvement in service. It was really hard to reach Crocker’ s and there was a considerable delay in solving our problems.
With Strata, Every month we are being informed in advance about the maintenance that needs to be done with genuine quotes. Once done, we receive invoices thereby having a clear picture of what happening with our property.  Strata’s team has a professional attitude and has provided us with exceptional services.
I would recommend the Strata Title body corp management team to anyone who has a residential or commercial Body Corporate that requires professional and efficient management.  ”  Saiyaz Ali(Chairperson)

“It gives me great pleasure to compliment Danli on the manner in which she has managed the affairs of the Body Corporate since Strata Title Administration was appointed as managing agents approximately one year ago. From the outset Danli has been a pleasure to deal with and I have found her to be very courteous, efficient and capable in handling the affairs of the Body Corporate which would include typing up minutes; arranging and chairing the AGM of the Body Corporate; advising on the Rules for the complex; writing to unit owners when necessary; attending to the finances of the Body Corporate and efficiently collecting outstanding levies; preparing and advising on budgets and general issues and dealing with problems when they arise.
In short, I have found Danli to be very professional in all my dealings with her and I have no hesitation in recommending her to any role in her field, she is seeking to fill. I wish her well in her endeavours and I am sure she will be a credit to any organisation in which she is employed.”  George Deeb

“Thanks for chairing a professional and well run AGM a few weeks back for 2 Onehunga Harbour Road.  I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you (personally as an owner and also as a committee member) for the much improved service that we have received from you and Strata compared to the service that we received from Body Corporate Administration Ltd (BCA), our previous body corporate managers. We were with BCA for many years and I only wish that we had changed to Strata sooner.
With BCA there were always outstanding levies (at last count $36,000) but somehow in only a few short months you have either managed to collect the arrears or at least put arrangements in place to have the arrears cleared by next month. This is a brilliant effort.  Another really pleasing part of your service is that you actually respond to calls, emails and other enquiries and, whereas the minutes of AGM’s done by BCA would take weeks, if not months to receive, the minutes of the AGM that you recently chaired were received within two days! I have spoken to several owners about your service to date and they all agree that your responsiveness and systems are excellent.  The pathetic financial reporting (done in excel of all things) that was provided by BCA is archaic compared to your accurate, clear, real time financial reporting that we can access via the online portal through your website.
The service that you provide to us makes us feel that we are your only client although I know that is not the case. I look forward to continuing to receive this high level of service.”  Daniel Bovelander

“I would strongly recommend Strata’s services to any Body Corporate who is considering changing secretary and appointing Strata as their secretary. Some of the points which I liked about Strata are
1) timely answering of questions
2) transparency in managing our Trust Funds
3) giving proper advice as and when needed to the Body Corporate
4) professionalism in the way the Body Corporate managers handle the Body Corporate meetings.”  Kamla

“Both the committee and I have found Strata to be professional and efficient in every aspect of their role and have been thankful for Strata’s guidance since their appointment in November 2009. I would unreservedly recommend Strata’s service to any Body Corporate which is considering appointing Strata as their secretary”

23 Feb 2011 Follow up testimonial:
“As chairman of the committee for our 65 unit Body Corporate in Whangaparaoa I provided a testimonial to Strata on 23rd February 2010 (see above) after Strata had been our secretary for four months. In that reference I confirmed that the committee was pleased with the service provided by Strata. Upon submitting my reference to Strata on 23rd February 2010 I had noted in my diary to write to you to provide feedback on the service the Body Corporate and the committee has received from Strata since 2010 (i.e. one year later). I would like to impress on you that I would have written to you irrespective of whether Strata’s service had continued to be of good quality or had regressed for the reason that I believe that feedback on the level of service received is important irrespective of whether it is positive or negative this is in fact something that Strata impressed on the committee from the outset i.e. that open communication is essential to ensuring relationships are maintained. I am delighted to advise that without exception the committee has continued to be impressed with the service provided by Strata. Whilst our principal point of contact for the last 15 months has been with Phil we have since our last annual general meeting, which was held in November 2010, had the pleasure of dealing with Strata’s senior property manager, Paul Roux. Phil has attended all of our monthly committee meetings and provided updates on the various matters that have transpired since the previous committee meeting -such as updates on the financial position of the Body Corporate, including what steps have been taken to recover outstanding levies. The financial reporting is extremely important to the committee as our previous Body Corporate secretary was ineffectual and performed extremely poorly in this regard (and to be quite blunt in every regard). We have found Phil’s (and now Paul’s) attendance at committee meetings to be invaluable in that they are both extremely knowledgeable on all things pertaining to the administration of Body Corporates and have used their expertise to assist our committee to effectively and lawfully attend to our duties on behalf of the Body Corporate and the owners who have put their faith in the committee. In closing, we have discovered that 15 months after appointing Strata the costs and fees which Phil (when he was marketing your service to our committee) stated would be charged by your company have in fact been charged and that there has been no increase in your fees this is of significant importance not only during these financially trying times but also on an ongoing basis.  Whilst I have now sold my unit in the Body Corporate referred to above I am still more than happy for the above testimonial to remain on Stratas web page and to be contacted to discuss their service.”  Sean

“Our Body Corporate has had some problematic issues to deal with and Strata has handled these with extreme tact and very efficiently and effectively. Their advice has been invaluable and we have had good outcomes to some long standing problems which had been causing us a great deal of concern. They are continuing to guide the committee through the remaining problems. I can assure you that they handle all queries quickly and very professionally. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other Body Corporate. Owner and committee member in a residential Body Corporate.” Helen

“Strata’s staff are knowledgeable when it comes to administering our Body Corporate particularity when it comes to advising the Body Corporate on its rules and legislation under which our Body Corporate operates. My initial involvement with Strata was with Phillip Lockyer in 2006/7 when he was Strata’s property manager assigned to manage our Body Corporate. However when Phillip moved into his marketing role Paul Roux took over the position and we have continued to receive first class representation. From my experience, I would have no hesitation recommending Paul Roux and Strata to administer your Body Corporate. Owner and committee member in a 67 unit residential/retail Body Corporate in Wellington.” Ray

“I would personally recommend using Strata as your Body Corporate secretary. Strata’s financial management and willingness to find ways to save the Body Corporate money is commendable. Also their knowledge on Body Corporate matters is extensive. Owner and committee member in a 36 unit residential Body Corporate.” Jigar

“Our small complex of 10 beachside apartments first came under the umbrella of Strata when they were completed in 2006. Most of the units are for holiday use rather than residential, which raises a number of management issues with not having any full time residents on site. The informal owners committee very much relies on Strata’s expertise and advice to guide us, particularly with regard to regulations, consents and the like imposed by local authorities and the Body Corporate rules. We have found Strata’s reporting, including financial reporting to be thorough and communication is maintained with the committee between general meetings. For the last 2 years we have had Paul Roux’s steadying hand in managing our affairs. We very much appreciate the support of the Strata team and look forward to many more years association with them. ” Linda

I have been associated with Strata over the past 16 years, as Convenor of the Working Committee of a small residential Body Corporate under the administration of the above. I have always had an excellent working relationship with Strata Title and its employees finding them most capable and helpful at all times in their capacity as Secretary and Administrator of the above Body Corporate. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone seeking a Body Corporate administrator.” Jock

“Both the committee and I found Strata to be professional and efficient in every aspect of their role, and have been thankful for Strata’s guidance and their reasonable administration fees since their appointment. More over we find that their managing of Trust Funds are more transparent as compared to the other Body Corporate secretary we have dealt with in the past. I would undoubtedly recommend Strata’s service to any Body Corporate which is considering appointing Strata as their secretary. Owner and committee member in a 10 unit residential body corporate.”  Ravi