Our Team

Business Development

Phillip Lockyer
Business Development Manager / Director
DDI: 09 929 2824 Mobile: 021 775 603
“After more than 13 years at Strata it is explicitly clear to me that our role is to help develop and maintain thriving communities and to work closely with property developers and unit owners to make this happen. Our role is becoming more and more important as our cities foster and promote higher density community living.”


Cyrus Mehta
DDI: 09 929 2911 Mobile: 021 0224 7483
“It’s important that we build a good relationship with our clients, so we make sure we’re transparent in everything we do. If you are persistent you get it. If you are consistent you will keep it ”

danli 2

Danli Ge
DDI: 09 929 2913 Mobile: 021 076 9005
“I speak both Mandarin and English. I love using my industry knowledge to make a real difference for our clients.”

Paul Roux

Paul Roux
Business Development/Body Corporate Management – Wellington Office
DDI: 04 974 1011 Mobile: 021 800 956
“I enjoy building relationships with our clients, providing service using my experience and knowledge and finding solutions to challenges. I value the variety that comes with managing a Body Corporate, no two days are the same!”

maria 2

Maria Roux
Wellington Office
DDI: 09 974 1011

Body Corporate Management

Doug Wilson
DDI: 09 929 2826 Mobile: 027 418 4977
“It is rewarding to use my industry knowledge to help increase the value of my clients’ property investments. I work to deliver this through good administration covering areas like corporate governance, accessible financial accounting, getting the right insurance cover and ensuring compliance with the Unit Tiles Act and its Regulations. Our buildings keep getting better and that is good for all of Auckland.”

Tom Wilson
DDI: 09 307 3724 Mobile: 021 043 1251
“My job is to develop good relationships and systems that help things run well. After work, I love cooking for my wife and family.”


Larry Allison
DDI: 09 929 2910 Mobile: 021 138 5546
“Responsiveness is important to me – I enjoy surprising clients by getting back to them sooner than expected.”

Lynn Cormack
DDI: 09 974 5720 Mobile: 022 370 0854
“Body Corporate Management is my passion, it gives me an opportunity to manage the different personalities within a body corporate and share information which is important to the owners. – my diversion is throwing myself into a creative project, and watching the magic grow.”

Linda Phillips
DDI: 09 307 2120 Mobile: 027 454 9123
“Having been involved in the administration of bodies corporate through supporting several experienced body corporate managers over the last 3 years I have a thorough understanding of what is required to support committees, chairpersons and owners with the management of their body corporate. It is important to me to keep the right perspective in all matters of my professional and personal life and I bring that balanced perspective to my role at Strata.”