Our Team

Business Development

Phillip Lockyer
Business Development Manager / Director
(09) 929 2824 or 021 775 603

“After more than 16 years at Strata Title Administration, it’s clear to me our role is to develop and maintain thriving communities. We work closely with property developers and unit owners to make this happen. Our role is becoming more and more important as cities foster and promote higher-density community living.”

William Pott

William Pott
Business Development
(09) 929 2911

Paul Roux

Paul Roux
Business Development/Body Corporate Management – Wellington Office
(04) 974 1011 or 021 800 956

“I enjoy building relationships with our clients, providing service using my experience and knowledge and finding solutions to challenges. I value the variety that comes with managing a body corporate – no two days are the same! Outside of work I train at the gym, take boxing classes and spend time with my family.”


Maria Roux
Business Development – Wellington Office
(09) 974 1011

“I love the diversity involved in my job, from administrative tasks to interacting with our clients. Outside of work I enjoy going to the gym and spending quality time with my family, including being a mother to my three children.”

Body Corporate Management

Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson
(09) 929 2826 or 027 418 4977

“It’s rewarding to use my industry knowledge to increase the value of my clients’ property investments. I work to deliver this through good administration including accessible financial accounting, getting the right insurance cover and ensuring compliance with the Unit Titles Act. Our buildings keep getting better and that’s good for all of Auckland.”

Tom Wilson
021 043 1251

“My job is to develop good relationships and systems that help things run well. I enjoy working as part of a team of professional, dedicated people to help our clients enjoy their properties. After work, I love cooking for my wife and family and being a grandparent.”


Neill Millener
DDI: 09 929 2829 Mobile: 021 896 728

I enjoy using the skills and experience from my background in IT management and property ownership to serve my body corporate clients and love working with owners to ensure that their body corporate works well for them. Away from the job I spend as much time as possible relaxing at a shared community on the beautiful Kaipara Harbour.

Lynn Cormack

Lynn Cormack
(09) 974 5720 or 022 370 0854

“I’m passionate about body corporate management. I enjoy managing the different personalities within a body corporate and sharing information that’s important to the owners. My diversion is throwing myself into a creative project and watching the magic grow.”


Kyle O’Reilly
DDI: 09 929 2822 Mobile:

Wendy Baker - Copy

Wendy Baker
DDI: 09 941 4167 Mobile: 027 808 5789

“Through my experience in body corporate management over many years I believe that responsiveness, imparting informed advice and continually updating my knowledge, is essential in providing the service my body corporate committees and owners deserve.”


Tracey Cole
Wellington Office
Mobile: 027 808 5801


Ocean Shao
DDI: 09 9292910

Priyashni Lata
DDI: 09 974 5720

Priyashni Kumar
DDI: 09 974 5720

“Banking on my teaching and Foreign Service background, I aim to utilize my ‘people skills’ to add value to my portfolio and to manage the various administrative functions for my Body Corporates. Apart from work, I enjoy travelling and exploring New Zealand”.

Linda Phillips
DDI: 09 307 2120

“I’ve spent several years working with experienced body corporate managers and understand of what is needed to support committees, chairpersons and owners when managing their body corporate. It’s important to me to keep the right perspective in my professional and personal life and I bring that balanced approach to my role at Strata.”

Business & Legal Administration

Nicola Bullock
DDI: 09 929 2915

HR/Operations Manager


Christina Bidois

Office Manager

Dale Lipshitz

Legal Administrator / IT

Zoey Li

Zoey Li

Body Corporate Administrator


Anika Prinsloo

Body Corporate Administrator


Simoné Swan


Ivy Zhou

Body Corporate Administrator