About Us

Our aim is to help you quietly enjoy your property

Established in 1996, Strata offers extensive experience in conflict resolution, team building and business negotiation. Our team of more than 25 includes people qualified in property law, accountancy, valuation, property management and property insurance.

We’re Experienced
Strata has specialised in Body Corporate management for nearly two decades.

We’re Personal
We value strong relationships with our clients, and strive for open and prompt communication.

We’re Professional
It’s important to us that we do what we say we’ll do, and our team is well-versed in the legal issues that can affect your Body Corporate.

We’re Efficient
Our streamlined processes mean we can offer reduced levies by being a ‘one stop’ Body Corporate management company.

We’re Experts in Weather Tightness
Leaky homes and weather tightness issues are major problems affecting many unit title developments. We’re experienced in this area and can guide your Body Corporate through the legal processes involved, saving you considerable time, money and effort.

Whatever problems you’re dealing with, chances are we’ve seen them before. From two-unit dwellings to substantial townhouse developments and inner-city projects of more than 500 apartments, Strata has built relationships with an extensive group of residential and commercial Bodies Corporate. We also work with serviced apartment complexes, retirement villages, shopping centres, office buildings, and factories – from Kerikeri to Queenstown.